Posted by: Jo Ann Chase | July 27, 2011

There’s a Fog on my Blog

Everyone in America ( and the entire world for that matter) seems to have a blog. They talk about their dogs or their cooking, or how awful/great it is to have children or not have children. They talk about their kids, how thin or fat they are ( both mothers and children) and why they hate their mother-in-laws. Yes, there is a HUGELY popular website on the evils of mothers in law.

You want to read these blogs, go on their sites and read away. They write, they push send, and out it goes.
I , on the other hand, seem to have a technical problem ( not in the least atypical for me), in that I write them, I send them, and my few but very loyal subscribers don’t get them anymore. Only Cousin Lauren in Nashville seems to be able to receive “South Of Rincon” without my personally forwarding it to her.
I apologise to one and all, and we are going to fix it today!! Plus add a lovely picture of me that has ben on hold for months while we figure this out.
Everyone who subscribed used to get the blog auromtically, then it just stopped: Google is, of course behind this as they are behind most evils in the world ( except the ones have to do with the debt ceiling – but I cannot even touch that one).
Then I send them out by forwarding them, to a lot of friends whom I am sure I annoy the hell out of, since they don’t want to read it, but then feel they must at least skim it so they can say something pleasant to me. and I truly appreciate that.
I really really do. ( Little Sally Fields touch there)
So, Hugo Ramos, our helper in all things technological ( that would include TV remotes, the Iphone, the Ipad, all computers and anything else with buttons) has suggested we CHANGE SERVERS.
So, today is really a test to see if those few, wonderful fans and readers can actually get this blog automatically, or if we have to change to another system so people to sign up without giving away their social security numbers and home phones. I promise not to inundate anyone, and if you do’t want it, then don’t sign up. ( I’ll know who you are, though)
In the meantime, the good news is that are having a fabulous summer of Music at the Music Academy of the West, The talent and charm of the fellows is just amazing. And, bragging like the Jewish Mother I am, our Fellow Karen Vuong – a soprano with a fabulous voice and marvelous personality WON the Marilyn Horne Vocal Competition last week, and will be dong a concert on March 4th at the Broad theater in Los Angeles.
She will also be singing in a receital in new York on October 1st – I predict she will be a star, and if you hear her sing, I think you may well agree.
so if you do receive this without my sending it, just let me know with a one word e-mail like

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