Posted by: Jo Ann Chase | June 12, 2011

Mustard but NO relish…The Weiner Saga

I know the Weiner story is basically over – until we find out if the baby has Anthony’s personality, nose and, ( if a boy), his generous male appendages.

But this morning, just as I had decided not to write about his loser, jerk, sick Narcissist, I saw the newest photos of him, worshipping reflections of his own body in the Congressional gym. Where was everyone else? Guards? Towel Guys? Fellow Legislators? Maybe they were working or raising money rather than massaging their penises.
Think about this: a member of Congress takes nude and pornographic pictures of his own body ( the one where he is wrapped in a towel, but still grabbing his stuff to make sure it is there and standing up for itself is beyond the pale.) It’s worse than the totally nude one next to it. And yes, I study the photos becuase it is absolutely wildly interesting that anyone with half a brain would do this in his position.
This man is one sick puppy. Yes, I know men do this sort of thing all the time, and yes, I know women do too. But this guy was lucky to be in Congress, he has no law degree nor a business degree. He is WILDLY unpopular, and is married to a lovely looking, brilliant young women He, of course, leaked the information that she is newly pregnant, so now she has no options as far as carrying a child with half of Weiner’s terrifying genetic material to term.
I can barely imagine her grief – of course she followed Hilary to Saudi Arabia instead of staying home. It was the high brow version of running home to Mommy.
Huma will be ok eventually. She will always have a good job, she has the Clinton’s support ( I know, I know irony is everywhere – but at least Bill didn’t photograph himself with Monica and the cigar.) No, we haven’t forgtten, Bill ,but we all knew you two had an arrangement..
What did Anthony and Huma have? And for such a short time.
When Tiger Woods was exposed two Thanksgivings ago for doing everything in the world with every tawdry looking girl in sight, I said to the “golf nut” with whom I live, ” No one will be able to look at Tiger gain, without thinking about the sexting and the threesomes and all the rest.”
“Of course they will,” he said.. “that’s just YOU thinking that”
Well, I was right. Plus, Tiger had not sworn to uphold the Constitution or anything close to that. Just to hit the ball straight, play better than anyone else, and pretend to be a boyscout.
He cant even do that anymore.
So, you think Weiner can come back after a few therapy sessions, and help make laws and campaign effectively or do ANYTHING effectively.. me either. He is a hindrance who is beyond a dirty joke.. and his cruelty to his wife is cosmic.
So, as Huma returns home ( she has to eventually, or she’ll have to wear a Burqua), she will have to decide what to do for herself and her baby. The baby actually comes first now.
She will have to be a superparent, in addition to having a super career to overcome the fall out from the very strange man she married for reasons that escape pretty much everyone. In addition, he has no source of income other than Congress.
Oh yes, on top of everything else, she is a practising Muslim, so this story is going to be, as my grandma would have said ‘ Really shameful for the Jews.”
I see no essential difference in what Weiner did than what Arnie did with the Maid, John Edwards and the Blonde video person and even the guy who was caught in the men’s room with a wide stance.
They all think they can do anything they want to with anyone they like and still have power. Here is a real case of Thank God for the internet”.
Well, it just could be that voters are getting fed-up, and especially women voters are not going to tolerate this kind of crap much longer.
If you have thoughts or comments: please do share.. I’m facscinated with the rationale that he really didn’t do anything, because he didn’t TOUCH anyone.
More to come. ( every sentence is a pun with this guy).


  1. You forgot David Vitter who is still serving in the Senate but paid prostitutes and wore diapers while taking advantage of their services. Also, how about John Ensign? Screwing around with his best friend and employee's wife.

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